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Top 11 Fashion Models Worldwide

In 2017, Rafeea made a notable mark among the ranks of globally esteemed models. She achieved a significant milestone by being recognized as one of the top 11 fashion models worldwide. 


To honor Greek opera singer Maria Callas

o honor Greek opera singer Maria Callas, Rafeea opened the fashion show by wearing one of her dresses. Rafeea pays tribute to Maria Callas, the Greek opera singer, by wearing one of her dresses to open the fashion show featuring the Mancini’s collection by Italian designer.

Best Model Award for the Year 2017

Rafeea won the Best Model Award for the year during Arab Fashion Week 2017, after being embraced by the Arab Fashion Council. 

twitter-300x200 (1).jpg

"The Front Row" Program

Rafeea presented the exclusive program "#FrontRow", which is broadcast by Sayidaty magazine in partnership with Twitter. The program highlights the most important events in global fashion weeks.

The First Fashion Week in Riyadh

Rafeea participated in presenting an unprecedented event in the fashion world, specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was the hosting of Riyadh for the first-ever "Arab Fashion Week," where Rafeea led the fashion week and also the closing ceremony, in addition to her involvement in a fashion show for an Italian brand.


The “Tree of life” 

The headpiece in question was the ‘Tree of Life’ that debuted at Arab Fashion Week two years ago, designed by noted hair stylist Fadi Nasr as a tribute to young children with cancer.

Rafeea's Interest in Traditional Attire and Heritage

Rafeea reintroduced an appreciation for Emirati heritage clothing to the new generation and to the Arab and Western worlds. 

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Valentine's Day Laha Mag Cover

Rafeea shined on the cover of "Laha" magazine for Valentine's Day, through a special photoshoot held in Italy. With an elegant and distinctive look, Rafeea conveyed the concept of love through her unique perspective.

Collaboration With Franck Muller

In collaboration between Rafeea and Zahrat AL Khaleej cover magazine.


Hosting the 7th Edition of Arab Fashion Week

Rafeea Al-Hajsi, the world's first Emirati runway model, hosting the shows held at Dubai.

Rafeea's participation in the Russian Matryoshka Festival

Rafeea participated in the Matryoshka Festival, a celebration that brings together the worlds of fashion and style swing between UAE and Russia. The festival was highlighted by the presence of renowned Russian designer Igor Gulyaev, with Rafeea showcasing the closing fashion show of the event.


Emirati Women's Day With Chaumet

Chaumet celebrates with Rafeea on the occasion of Emirati Women's Day.

Celebrating 25 years of "Kol Al-Usra" magazine with Rafeea

“Kol Al-Usra" magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary and silver jubilee with Rafeea Al-Hajsi, the Emirati fashion model, as the caver magazine star.


Gulf News Magazine Cover

Emirati model Rafeea Al Hajsi admits she can never forget her first walk down the runway, for reasons that went beyond mere sentiment.

Collaboration With Van Cleef

Sayidaty magazine cover in collaboration with Van Cleef jellwery


Al Bayan Magazine Cover for the National Day

"Ari" Cover magazine for the National Day "Al Bayan" Newspaper.

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