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Arab Casting TV Program

Rafeea made her first appearance as a television star on Abu Dhabi TV at the Arab level in the live talent show "Arab Casting." The program was broadcast on multiple channels across the Arab world and was one of the most important shows featured on Abu Dhabi TV. Through this program, she became one of the first Emirati female presenters at the Arab level to host this type of show in front of a judging panel that included some of the most prominent Arab figures, such as Ghada Abdelrazek, Bassel Khayyat, Qusay Khouli, and Tariq Al Ali.


Rafeea also participated in three opening segments of the program's episodes. These included a trip to India with the contestants, a traditional Gulf wedding scene with artist Tariq Al Ali, who was a member of the judging panel, and the final segment, a carnival, where Rafeea showcased her acting skills alongside her hosting abilities.

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